Friday, 26 July 2013

Between Iyanya and a naked dancer

The ‘Kukere’ master,Iyanya always manages to get the ladies excited at his concerts. Now this might be because Iyanya never hesitates to taking his shirt off at the slightest opportunity, or maybe it’s just a function of how much his female fans love his music.
Things got  a little more out of hand than usual recently when the MTN Project FAME winner performed at theKukere Concert inCokobar, Manchester.
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Iyanya got a few female fans out of the audience to dance off against each other and one particular contestant maybe took the contest too seriously. She started off easy then ended up raising up her dress, wobbling her booty for the whole world to see.
To say Iyanya was surprised would definitely be an understatement, so we let him speak for himself. According to him, “I was surprised man, if you watch the clip I ran off. I was like what’s this? But people go crazy when they’re having a good time sometimes and it’s not their fault. So it’s all good.” (source: Hiphop world)


  1. eh eh eh. I'll do the same if i was the lady. i mean who can resist this guy *wink

  2. I jus wonder getting so carried away at d sight of evry 6packs na wa oo na dem dey mke guys dey mis yarn were correct chics dey ish!