Wednesday, 24 July 2013

6 ways to impress your boss

To impress your boss and get ahead, you have to do the unexpected and not just what’s expected of you. Here are seven ways for you to impress your boss.

1 When you have a deadline, arrive at work early and stay late to ensure that you not only deliver on time, but over-deliver as well.
2 Understand how your role in the organization contributes to the bigger picture and find ways to save or make the company money.
3 Be the person who is always prepared at meetings and have an informed opinion.
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4 You boss is one of the people who knows about special projects, take the initiative and ask for them Additionally, network with others in different departments to discover what projects are in the pipeline, and present ideas to your boss for projects you can help with.
5 Read trade and industry journals and subscribe to newsletters such as Trend watching and Trend hunter to learn about trends and other innovation. To spot trends shaping your industry, William Higham in his book 7 The Next Big Thing recommends that you ask the following three questions. When you have the answers, discuss your ideas with your manager:
a) How are my customers changing?
b) Which trends will my customers respond to?
c) How can I exploit the opportunity to identify new markets as well as better service my current clients?

6 Complete projects that are critical to the organization but are currently without sponsors.
When faced with problems or challenges, while trying to resolve them, keep your boss apprised of the situation

By doing a few of the above, you are not only managing your career, but you are also on your way to impressing your boss and paving the way to move ahead in the organization.

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