Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Police questions Ibinabo

Impeached National PRO of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) is determined not to sit down and take his impeachment with a pinch of salt. During the week, he involved the police in a aim of seeking to “protect himself from attacks by the AGN”. Dallas alleged that the first female president of the guild, Ibinabo Fiberesima sent some boys to attack him.
Acting on Frank's report at the Area C police station, Surulere, Lagos, Ibinabo was invited by the police for questioning.  The fair in complexion actress, did responded to the summon.
After getting her side of the story, the police let her go a few minutes later. 
However, the Victor Osuagwu-led Lagos AGN showed solidarity for Ibinabo when the comic actor reportedly stormed the police station with some of his members while Ibinabo was under question.
In a chat with Ibinabo said she wonders why Frank is taking the whole issue very personal with her. She explained that due process was followed in the impeachment of Frank and she advised him to go through the normal procedures in pursuing his grievance if he feels he has been cheated. 
Frank on his side is still adamant that his impeachment is unlawful and also mantains that he is still the PRO of the guild. Frank claims he is being witch-hunted by some elements in the guild.


  1. They should just scrap the association all together, if they will be fighting every time

  2. people who are meant to be role models are being bad examples, sad

  3. Its like they are making so much money from the whole guild thing, sad. later they will be insulting govt