Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Stella Damasus under fire for insulting Muslims

After the controversial bill which was passed by the senate on child marriage, many individuals in the entertainment business continue to lend their voice against the senate’s decision. Many have been very vocal online while some continue to send text messages and Blackberry messages to all who care to read. Actress Stella Damasus actually went a step further by recording a video in which she points an accusing finger at the members of the Nigerian senate for endorsing what she termed ‘slavery’.
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However, she must have let her emotions take over her as she spoke in the recording. She started mixing up issues. According to her, the senators are pushing a Muslim agenda to law in Nigeria, and saying that they are “forcing Sharia law on the whole of Nigeria.” While many hail her courage, she had received more knocks for the video than praises.
Reading comments on the video, Stella was criticized for not knowing what she is saying and mixing issues up. According to one comment, Stella could not differentiate between being from the North and being a Muslim. “Because Northern senators shamefully endorsed the bill does not mean that it is a Muslim Agenda,” the comment read.  


  1. I don't see anything wrong with what she said. The senators should be hanged

  2. we always read unnecessary meanings to things, preach on Stella

  3. what she said is not bad. she should not have mentioned Sharia tho

  4. With dues respect to my Muslim friends who are highly sensible, those people that said she didn’t understand what she was saying were simply out of their senses. They don’t have a deep understanding and the little knowledge they have they are not wise about it.
    In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec751MK7j1M
    Senator sani yerima says ‘’ By Islamic law any woman that is married she is of age. So If you now say she is not of age then it means you are going against Islamic law’’ What will those critics say about that. Is that not a muslim agenda in a nutshell that can be chronologically correlated to Boko Haram's ultimate Agenda?

    1. thank u o!!! its definitely an islamic agenda, take or leave it

  5. This is not a religion thing.....she never insulted the muslims!