Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Uti supports disgraced Beverley

It is no longer news that one of Nigeria’s representatives to the Big Brother Africa show, Beverley displayed a show of shame on Saturday. Viewers were treated to a rarely seen erotic scene between Nigeria’s Beverly and South Africa’s Angelo. After the regular Saturday party, the two decided to find themselves some peace and quiet away from the other housemates. In their alone time, the two got quite frisky with each other as they indulged in sexual activities.
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This act angered a lot of Nigerians and many took to twitter to air their displeasure. Since then all sorts of names have been given to Beverley. Not until someone stepped up on Monday to0 defend Beverly. The person is no other than Big Brother winner Uti Nwachukwu. Uti said these on Twitter; “ Hold up. You all need to go easy on Beverly. It takes a lot of discipline and grace from God to fight ‘konji’ in that house after two months. That game is not easy at all. If u are a sexually active person and you like sex, three months is a long time to be celibate. Let's not be hypocrites. If there were cameras in our homes, most of us won't be able to show our faces in public.”
Uti’s statement has also sparked a new round of argument online, as insults were rained on him as well. He was even tagged gay.

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