Friday, 26 July 2013

Tecno named worst Andoid phone makers

i just read this piece on a British website:
If you live in the African or Asian region, the word Tecno must have fallen on your ear. Not the music genre techno – the other techno but this Tecno, the one that have been flying in cheap pieces of plastic and wire aka phones into Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other African countries.
Let’s face it. Tecno was one of the first companies that brought ‘affordable Android smartphones’ to Africa, but they are not the first, nor the best. Their debut ‘Android’ phone, Tecno N3 may have sold millions of units in Nigeria alone, wowed many users who probably are using Android phones for the first time, but hey believe it or not, Tecno N3 is one of the worst Android phones ever sold. Reasons will be explained.
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Reasons why 

Tecno might have been the worst Android manufacturer ever

Faulty right from the box!
Each and every Tecno N3 out there seems to have one problem or the other. From Bluetooth to Wi-Fi to sensor to SIM slot to wake-up button (the list is endless though), funny thing is that these faults come with these phones straight out of the box. I even saw someone who just bought a brand new N3 that can’t access Settings menu. Tecno N3 is probably Tecno’s best selling phone but not to forget, the N7, D3, D5, Q1, P3 also come with the same factory-built faults.
Zero or zero customer care You heard me right, zero! Tecno have no customer care. The little ‘customer care’ joints they have at random big cities in Nigeria are run by more or less O’level ‘engineers’. These ‘engineers’ know next to nothing about phones, they neither repair phones nor do you see them with any tools. They only know prices of Tecno phones and won’t hesitate to tell you to buy a new Tecno phone when you bring in a faulty phone for repair or replacement. On a few occasions I’ve been at Tecno customer care, I overheard the noobs setting up Internet connection on customers’ phones though. I think that’s the only area their salaries cover.
No updates, never
Sure, we have never heard of OS updates on any Tecno phone. Tecno rather makes new phones everyday, dumping their older customers in the dark while on the venture of getting new ones. They don’t even seem to know how phone series work. They made N3, went back and made an advance version of the phone and named it P3 – instead of something like N4 or N3 advance. This goes to tell you how short-minded the company is.


  1. what did you expect

  2. why are you putting them down, at least they are starting from somewhere

  3. I own a Tecno and i am proud

  4. the article is true, their phones are shitty

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  6. I think u are one of the haters of tecno product i am using tecno n7 it rubs smoothly wit all apps than most sammy big names and i hv got no isssues since i bought it. And i even hope to buy more of their products especially tecno tab.