Thursday, 25 July 2013

Police arrests PHCN boss for demanding bribe

Omololu, Principal Manager, PHCN Abuja Distribution Company Wuse Zone 4, was arrested through a sting operation, following a petition filed against him.
The petitioner had formally applied to purchase and install two transformers: a 100 KVA/33/0.415 KV and a 50 KVA/33/0.415 KV, and had filed his application through the Principal Manager (PC and M) at the said PHCN office.
It was alleged that Omololu on receiving the application demanded a bribe of N100,000 for the release of one of the transformers and had subsequently taken the half payment of N50,000 from the petitioner.
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Infuriated by Omololu’s insistence on collecting the balance of N50,000 as condition for releasing the second transformer, the petitioner then turned to ICPC for succour and the Commission arrested the suspect after a sting operation when he collected marked money as balance.
Omololu’s schedule of duties as a public officer include among others: protection of PHCN installations, testing of electrical equipment and preparation of permission letter for release of transformers, none of which required him to demand a fee from customers.
The ICPC operatives were able to establish that the petitioner, indeed, submitted two applications for permission to purchase and install two specification of transformers 100 KVA/33/0.451 KV and 50 KVA/33/0.415 to PHCN, and that the petitioner collected one of the approvals upon payment of N50,000 demanded by the suspect.
And that the petitioner was denied the second approval for his inability to provide the balance of N50,000.
The PHCN official would be facing prosecution for allegedly contravening Sections 8 and 10 of the ICPC Act 2000.


  1. but this is their normal practice. In fact at the moment, in my street we have been asked to pay 2k each, can we report this too?

  2. it's a shame, caught for just 100,000. God will continue to catch those that are destroying this country

  3. one down, thousands to go

  4. we pay our bill yet they still ask for money. yet we still don't get the electricity

  5. Phcn another menace facing 9ja hmmmmn! One down thousands to go reali,may God help us cos every of d sectors in 9ja is messed up once you start having light constantly for like 2days witout blinkn dat simply means dey are bringn a new bill as I write am still battling with d crazybill alocated to me phcn is completely messed up just like odas