Thursday, 25 July 2013

The chocolate city woes

Sometime ago, when one of Nigeria’s leading music house, Mohit Records, broke up, many people wondered how it happened, as all appeared just perfect before the collapse. Presently, another top record label is set to experience what Mohit suffered, as the talk is that Audu Maikori’s Chocolate City is undergoing the biggest challenge it has witnessed. The issue is the decision of one of the label’s popular name, Brymo, to dump the label. Brymo walked out on Chocolate City after it became obvious that the label was focusing its promotion on only Ice Prince and MIIt was the same drama that led to Jessie Jags walking out on the label, some months ago, complaining that his career as an artiste was suffering because he was being used mainly as a producer, contrary to the agreement. 
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On his part, Brymo had been contemplating dumping the record label but finally made up his mind when he realised that Chocolate City was focusing on Ice Prince and MI, who is set to drop a new album. The Octopus learnt that the artiste has since teamed up with a new label, which hopes to use him as the pivot. When we sought the opinion of Audu Maikori of Chocolate City, he told our us that the artiste was still under Chocolate City because he had signed a contract for three years in which period he would release two albums; and because the period is yet to elapse he could not go anywhere. He advised the artiste to settle his differences with the label, as there was no way he could jump ship while still under contract. You will recall that MI had dumped the label to form his own Loopy Records before he was appeased by Maikori to return to Chocolate City. Then, it was agreed that MI’s Loopy Records would be under Chocolate City and would be managed by them. As it is presently, if the exit pattern which the artistes of Chocolate City have adopted continues, we might just witness the collapse of another leading record label.  
By Lukmon Akintola

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