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Actors who have found Christ

Despite the love and adoration fans have for their movie stars, when it comes to their perspective on these stars personal lives, what they visualise is far from decent. Actresses are stereotyped as loose, promiscuous, money hungry, greedy and selfish. The men on the other side are seen as Gigolos, party animals, womanisers, and all sorts.
Though these features truly do apply to many of them, there are still many decent ones and it will be wrong to generalise. Also, there are some who have decided to leave these kind of life-style behind and have proclaimed a new life. Some even go as far as claiming they have given their lives to Christ. These actors have had a very fair share of the fast superstar life and today say their lives are now for Christ
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Eukeria Anunobi
Probably the most publicised conversion to Christ is that of Eucheria Anunobi. The actress known to her friends simply as UK has been subject to various controversies and scandal. Many of these controversies border around her off and on marriages and relationships. After many years of being in the news, she decided to give her life to Christ.
She was ordained at the ‘Fresh Oil Ministry’, Egbeda, in Lagos. The ordination was performed by Pastor Psalm Okpe, who anointed the top Nollywood actress, accompanied by other ‘men of God’. Eukeria was not alone during her life turn around. Some of her close colleagues like Susan Peters and Clarion Chukwuka were on hand to support their friend.
With her ordination, Eucharia can fully preach as a pastor. In fact it is said that she already counsels the youth in the church. This however has not taken the flashiness out of the woman. Just weeks after the ordination, she got delivery of a BMW X5. It is not clear if it’s a gift or a personal purchase.
She was quoted as saying she has vowed to use her fame and rascality to win souls for Christ.  She also assured her teeming fans that she would not abandon her acting career, pointing out that she will be more choosy in terms of accepting roles in movies.
Ernest Asuzu
Do you remember Ernest Asuzu? The Imo State-born actor was the toast of the movie lovers some years ago. He took on the role of the lover boy with great skills, and she was indeed the ladies’ man in real life.  But not long after, he disappeared from the scene all together. Before his withdrawal from the movie scene he was mixed in a vicious cycle of scandals, controversy, and more scandals, which got him a lot of media attention.
When he left the movie scene, it was rumoured that he ended up insane, some say he is even dead. Just recently he resurfaced, and his life is turned around in more ways than one. in a chat with some reporters, he said that the world has rejected him and he had to go back to Christ.
Yes he found Christ, and with that discovery, he underwent a period of rebranding and soul-searching, coming out strong as a gospel artiste. He now calls himself ‘El Cream’. With his new musical identity, he has released a music video for his single ‘Go Under’. The new single is coming off his forthcoming album, ‘Return of the Don’.
Rita Nzelu
We haven't heard much from this popular 90's actress. But now we hear the former actress, who has been in the UK for over 10 years, is now a born again Christian has been ordained as an evangelist in a UK based Nigerian church. She is said to be very active in church, as she keeps posting invitation to church on her social media handles. She still acts in Nigerian movies shot in London.

Kanayo O Kanayo
Veteran Nollywood Actor, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere popularly known as Kanayo.O.Kanayo is now a pastor. Yes he officially is a pastor. He has been preaching at some churches in recent times. He is mostly seen teaching the word of God at a little known, Christ Mission Worldwide church. Though he does not preach their regularly, it is said that the number of church members have grown since the day he first preached there.
That is not the only church he spreads the word of God though, his face has been seen on other church posters. This recent development is a shock to some of his friends and colleagues who know him well. The atrocities that go on in his Surulere office are legendary. The place is described by some of his colleagues as a magnet for young girls. 

Pat Attah
Where is Pat Attah? You may ask. From what we are able to gather, the clean cut actor, has left his life in the country behind. Pat currently is based in Hamburg, Germany has turned a preacher. Though he does not preach in churches, he is now very much a born again.
Many knew him before he left the country to be close to the ladies and also in love with the bottle. Today, reading his posts online one will know things have changed in his life. He is using social network sites including Facebook to deliver his sermon and messages to all who care to read.

Zack Orji
Actor, Zack Orji has been ordained a full-time evangelist by Bishop Emma Isong of Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI). In fact, the veteran actor has engaged in various evangelical drive in Abuja, Lafia (Nasarawa) and Makurdi with the church.
Zack has hardly been linked to any scandal. Only close friends know that he frequents a bar in National Stadium in Lagos, where he usually takes a particular brand of drink. We are not sure if he still goes to this place. Zack Orji is married to Ngozi Orji and they have three children.
Liz Benson
Elizabeth Benson Liz, popularly known as Liz Benson, began acting when she was just a kid. Her journey to stardom began when she appeared on the set of the popular television soap opera, Fortunes in 1993. After that, she has acted in various TV series and even some movies. Liz Benson played the part of Mrs. Agnes Johnson in the soap, which ran for about two years on the Nigerian Television Authority network.
In 1994, her role in Glamour Girls, a very successful home video film that focused on the theme of prostitution, literally changed her fortune after Fortunes. The movie shot her into prominence and gradually she warmed her way into the minds of millions of Nigerian movie fans. And as popularity comes so does media scrutiny. She was linked with different men and was said to be dating some men in power.
However, in a quiet court ceremony in Abuja, She got married to a Bishop Great Emeya in 2009 at the Rainbow Christian Assembly in Warri, Delta State. She too was ordained an evangelist in the church. She runs the church with her husband.
Kenethe Nnebue
Living in Bondage is believed by some sectors to be the film that brought Nollywood to where it is today.  The man behind the movie, Kenneth Nnebue owns Nek Videos. Unfortunately, after two decades of making a success of that two-part Igbo language movie, the pioneer producer disappeared into thin air. The last time, he was spotted at a Nollywood function, was in 2009, where he was among the special guests that attended that year’s BOBTV, Africa’s premiere film and television programmes expo, which held in Abuja .
From what we hear, Nnebue has retired to evangelism. Close friends say that he is very much active in his church.
Peter Bunor
Remember that last year, veteran actor missed death by whiskers. It took the intervention on the State Government to keep him alive. The actor suffered a stroke that left him almost totally paralysed. Since he regained his health, Peter has turned to a new man. In a chat with journalists he said this. “All I can say now is to thank God that I am alive. I have also given my life to Jesus Christ as you can see that I am now a Pastor.” The man is known to attend Winners Chapel church where he is very close to the General Overseer.

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