Tuesday, 13 August 2013

South African wives to go naked in support of their Nigerian husbands

Just when we thought that the regime of apartheid and everything that bears its similitude was gone, xenophobia seems to be the growing attitudes by South Africans against foreigners especially Nigerians:
As a reaction to discrimination, South African women married to Nigerians have threatened to stage a mass protest in Johannesburg.

Mrs. Lindelwa Uche, Chairperperson of the United Nigerian Wives in South Africa (UNWISA) was quoted as saying: “...We decided to come together to fight against stigmatization, discrimination, and humiliation, against our families by government departments and agency and the officials of the government, the community and our-in-laws.
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 “If we don’t stand up for our children when they are being called derogatory names like “Small lee kwere-kwere” or turning their natives names upside down deliberately by our community in the name of making them feel like aliens, outcast, and unwelcome, or even when their Nigerian aunties and uncles call them bustards, then their future is in jeopardy.

“If we don’t stand up when our countrymen and women, officials and in-law address us as paper wives, gold diggers, stupid and opportunist, who will do that for us, ” Uche queried.

 She added; “After the official launch of our association, our next action will be more than just a protest march to the city of Johannesburg home affairs office. It is going to be a protest where we will strip on the street of Johannesburg, so that people and government will know that there is an existing body and that we are not happy with the way our non South Africans husband and children are being treated."

 So, Nigerians are being discriminated against in neighbouring South Africa? It is simply appalling!

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