Sunday, 18 August 2013

Don't steal my porn -Afrocandy tells scammers

Our own proud adult movie star, Afrocandy is doing good whether we like it or not. Her new production, Destructive Instinct, is bringing in a lot of money, in fact others are making a lot from it as well. She explains that pirates and scammers have taken advantage of the huge sales the movie is making. She sent this release out asking people not to get scammed. and also where to get a legal copy.
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"Listen up People; I do not have any Representatives in UK, Europe, Nigeria, Asia or any other Parts of the world for now so pls. for God's sake, DO NOT SEND Western Union to anybody claiming to be a part of my Company either to buy my movies DESTRUCTIVE INSTINCT or to TAKE PART IN MY MOVIES. MY COMPANY IS BASED IN THE USA and that's where I operate from for the main time and My Movies are sold in very few stores that I gave the rights to sell it which I will list very soon. If you live outside the USA you can only Buy it from my website. Remember, if you send money to anybody by Western Union, I am sorry, you have been DUPED/SCAMMED. I've gotten too many complaints already FROM PEOPLE that sent out western union and waiting to receive their orders, well, I can't help you if you fall MUGU that's why I am posting this. Please be ware and shine your eyes well oh !"

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