Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pasuma hit by scammers, warns fans

Fuji artiste, Pasuma has been hit by hackers and scammers claiming to be him. His manager just sent this to me

"My attention has yet been drawn to the fraudulent acts of some unscrupulous elements who have continuously been using my name to perpetrate dubious transactions! it will be recalled that different online platforms reported that I opened a Twitter account few weeks ago, a report which brought to light the dirty acts of these people! According to these reports, a Twitter account was opened in my name which attracted tweets from my colleagues in the entertainment industry. Sensing the dangers inherent in such act, I came out to renounce the account, others opened earlier and everything associated with them. It is a fact that I, WASIU ALABI PASUMA, has never opened any Twitter account, let alone used the platform to publicise my works or any ideas as reported by an online medium, Premium Times yesterday. I'm not in any alliance with "@GlobacomLimited" to promote "#SingforPasuma 
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Music Competition." There was and is nothing like that and as such, members of the public are warned against participating in such event. It is fabricated by internet fraudsters and anyone who deals with them do so at their own risks. I do not own "@PasumaWonder," neither do I run a gmail account named "Otunba.pasuma@gmail.com." in addition, please disregard http://singforpasuma.webs.com, the website provided by this fraudulent souls for the unsuspecting young Nigerians who might be nursing a dream of becoming music star. For the umpteenth time, I am using this opportunity to warn people behind this nefarious acts to desist from them before the long arm of the law catches up with you. Efforts are in top gear to bring in EFCC into this so that an end might be brought to it once and for all. Thank you my fans for your continuous supports and love. God bless you all.                              

WASIU ALABI PASUMA!                    

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