Thursday, 1 August 2013

Teenage bride kills husband in Plateau

The Plateau State Police Command, on Wednesday, said it had arrested a 17-year-old minor, who allegedly killed her husband over his intimate urges. She did it when he slept on their matrimonial bed on July 8, 2013.
This is how she narrated her ordeal,  ”He was sleeping with me six times in a day. I kept complaining to him that I could not stand his constant demand for sex but he refused to listen to my plea; no family member was ready to help me, so I did what I did. I have realized my mistake and have repented of my sin; all I want is for the authorities to allow me to go home,” she said.
She said that she was already two months pregnant for her late husband and would want to go home to take care of herself till delivery.

Chris Olakpe, the state Commissioner of Police has confirmed the incident. The girl is still in police costudy


  1. Poor vulnerable frightened girl. He got what he deserved. He probably married her since she was 13 and no one saw any wrong in that amongst family members. Now 13 year old marriage is legalised. May God punish Nigerian law makers.

  2. All of dem in support of dis early marriage,wat am I even talkn child marriage tin accordn to pastor bakare may their organs all dry up b4 dey die.the poor child well d fool got wat he bargained for mchtewww!