Friday, 2 August 2013

Woman and child crushed to death in Ogun

Four persons, including a family of three, were crushed to death on Thursday by a commercial bus driver at the Ikorodu, Lagos State end of the Shagamu-Ikorodu Road.
The family of three: father, mother and child, were passengers on a commercial bike, riding along one of the Lagos State restricted routes, when a commercial bus appeared from nowhere and ran over them.
The deceased family members have been named as: Yaya Mogaji, 43; Iyaba Yaya Mogaji, 33; and Ayomide Yaya Mogaji, who is a year old male child.
The couple and their child died instantly, including the motorbike rider.
Immediately the bus driver knew he had killed four people, he disappeared into the darkness.
The motor bike rider has been identified as Jamiu Olatunji, residing at Orimedu Village, Ikorodu, Shagamu Road, Cele Bus Stop.
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The motorbike, a Bajaj, is marked QZ812APP.
Police spokesperson in Lagos State, Ngozi Braide, who confirmed the incident, explained that the scene of the accident had been visited by traffic personnel, led by the area’s Divisional Traffic Officer, ASP Osidero Adewale.
Braide added: “A rough sketch of the scene was drawn, corpses photographed and deposited at Ikorodu General Hospital morgue.
“The motorbike had also been recovered from the scene of the accident and moved to the police station.”
Reacting to the flouting of Lagos State traffic laws by the deceased family members, Braide said it pained her to speak ill of the dead, but it was apparent that the motorbike rider, with his passengers, were deviants.
She said: “We’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but these people were deviants.
“They were not supposed to ply that route, not supposed to be on a motorbike, let alone to be on it with a child and neither of the parents wearing helmets.
“They flouted all the state’s traffic laws and nobody knew precisely what happened, but this bus driver knocked them down and disappeared.
“We are still trying to arrest the fleeing the bus driver.
“Policemen had visited and taken photos of the accident scene.
“I use this opportunity to call on Lagosians to respect the Lagos State traffic laws.
“If the deceased people had adhered to the law, they would probably still be alive.”

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