Thursday, 26 July 2012

Goldie thanks Nigeria

Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey, popularly known as ‘Goldie’, back to Nigeria after a 70-day stay in the BB house. Goldie said the experience has broadened her scope and will serve her in future pursuits.
“The 70 days I spent in the house were overwhelming,” she said. “At first, I missed being a performer, going on tours, planning gigs and communicating with friends and family; but being an alpha female, I found other ways to channel my energy. In these 70 days, I learnt a lot about Africa and about myself. This is an experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Big Brother Africa is a very good platform to broaden my horizon as an artiste, and Coca-Cola’s sponsorship enriched the lives of all the housemates in the house, everyday.”
Responding, Olufemi Ashipa, Brand Manager, Colas, Coca-Cola Nigeria, said the beverage giant was proud to associate with the Big Brother Stargame inline with its commitment of enriching lives in Africa. “Coca-Cola is proud to be associated with Big Brother Stargame because platforms like these give youths an avenue to express themselves and is in line with the ongoing ‘A billion reasons to believe in Africa’ campaign which celebrates the African can-do attitude embodied in the Naija spirit, characterized by a desire to succeed, a passion to be unique and an in built desire to always lend a helping hand,” he said. “There are a billion reasons to believe in Africa, and the Naija spirit is certainly one of them.”

This spirit, according to Goldie, underscores her actions in the House, which has aroused controversy among lovers of the show. Goldie also described herself as being very emotional and allayed any fears about how the controversy may have affected her career. “As an artist, you need strong emotions to express yourself and to convey this to your audience,” she said. “I went into the house to be myself; I was Susan and not Goldie, the entertainer. I believe now my fans see that I am also human and so they would get to feel me more.”

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