Thursday, 5 July 2012

Shan George swallows her words

Top actress, Shan George has described a statement attributed to her as a misquote. She had last week in a n interview with a website used strong words against many of her colleagues which she says sleeps around. In the interview she had pointed accusing fingers mostly at some “married actresses” who she says still sleeps around for money. George accused her married colleagues of sleeping around like dogs.
Also in the interview she was quoted as saying that her colleagues are lured into bed with money by top politicians and businessmen and that the same people go about claiming to be happily married.
In another interview this week, she has retracted most of her statements and consider them as being quoted out of context. Her rants came just days after she premiered her movie, 'Finding Goodluck'.
"Jesus! That's the worst mudslinging technique I've ever experienced. I've been in Nollywood for 14 years. So is it now that I'm seeing the Nollywood wives? That's so crappy for someone to quote a childish caption like that on me," she said on phone.

"Shan George. I'm a woman and a mature one for that matter. Who is sleeping around or not is not what I have time for. I don't judge anyone. Only God has the authority to judge." She said. We gather that her quick response to the publication was spurred by criticism she had been receiving from her colleagues since she made the statements

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