Sunday, 8 July 2012

Why I am into acting – Kas

In a yet to be titled and yet to be released film, hip hop music icon, Kas will be playing the lead role. Not even a supporting role. The musician was caught on set, and did not have a choice than to explain himself. According to him, he would have loved it to be a surprise for his fans but now the cat has been let out of the bag.
In a phone chat, Kas explained that acting has always been his passion. He says that writing music and acting has a lot in common, and that is why he found it easy to do a good job with the movie. “it is a big deal for me. It is a challenge and I like challenges. I am playing a prince warrior, a character called Ugandi. It was easy for me because I was just being myself. There was a fighting part where I have to use swords, guess what, I have swords of my own, and I pretty much know how to use one. There was a stunt man that was brought to play the action part. The man ended up doing nothing because I nailed the parts. I will be acting more and directing.”

Kas also said that this will not be the last of him in the movie world. “I am looking forward to act more and also to direct my own movies. I have a lot of contents and stories.” This however does not mean the end of Kas the musician, he says that a new album will be out soon. Kas is one of Nigerian music success stories. He kicked off his career with the JJC and 419 crew in London. He came to Nigeria briefly to promote his Kasanova single. The song was received well though did not earn him the status he desired. He went back to the UK and by the time he returned with his Fimile single, he became an instant hit. Going into movies shows there is a lot he has to offer.

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