Saturday, 26 May 2012

7 mistakes women make during online dating

1. Stop posting four different photos from four different stages in your life. This leaves a man wondering, “Who is this person?” I’ve looked through thousands of online profiles, and the majority of women will put up pictures from different stages of their life but not put up current pictures. All photos that you post on an online dating profile MUST BE CURRENT!!! He’s going to find out what you look like when you meet, and there is no reason to lie about your looks.

2. Don’t list your dislikes about Internet dating in bold, capital letters at the beginning of your profile. We’ve all had negative experiences online. Emphasize your positive points, not your negative ones.
3. List your exact body type. It seems like on the Internet EVERYBODY is “athletic and toned,” “petite” or “fit and trim.”
“He will find out what you look like!” He will find out what you look like! You might as well tell the truth in your profile, so you’ll have a qualified lead and not waste somebody’s time.
  • 4. List your real age. In the world of Internet dating, it seems like there’s an abundance of 29- and 39-year-old women. “29″ usually means somewhere in your 30′s. And a woman who is “39″ is usually in her 40′s. Why start a potential relationship on a lie? Men are guilty of the same thing, and I advise them the same way.
  • 5. I’m really glad you had a great time on your vacation, but you don’t need to post 10 photos of your trip to Italy WITHOUT you in them. This is a dating site, not a trip advisor. Also, stop posting pictures of you skydiving, winter skiing, water-skiing, or doing anything else where we can’t see what you look like in the picture.
  • 6. Keep your profile short and to the point. Make your paragraphs very short. I’ve seen too many women’s profiles that look like romance novels. Take a look at Yahoo! Sports and read an article in the sports section.
“All paragraphs are short so men can digest that information in short bursts.” All paragraphs are short so men can digest that information in short bursts.
  • 7. Don’t be so self-absorbed. I’ve seen many women’s profiles that say, “I want a man to be this,” “I want a man to do that,” “I want a man to cherish me,” “I want a man to adore me”… You list all your “I wants” without listing what YOU will bring to the relationship. So you end up looking like you’re a taker and not a giver. No man wants to be with a taker; he wants to be with someone who’s equally willing to give and to receive.

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