Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I blew up the car in Lekki not Boko Haram - Teco Benson

 Teco Benson, has explained that the car explosion that took place on Lekki Beach last Sunday, was a scene from his movie, ‘Centrifugal Force’.
The director was forced to offer this explosion, after rumours started circulating that Boko Haram was behind the blast. “Car exploded   at Lekki Beach sunday evening on the set of CENTRIFUGAL FORCE was  mistaken for Boko Haram attack,” he wrote on his Facebook wall. “Ok there was an explosion in Lekki Beach, so rumour mongers, it was on the set of CENTRIFUGAL FORCE directed by  me,” a certain Zuwairat Asekome wrote on Benson’s Facebook wall. “However oga director did u have law enforcement officials around while u engaged in such activity? I mean we may have  taking such things for granted in the past, but the reality facing us today where everyone is jumpy, it becomes a necessity to give such information to them.” Teco Benson is well known for working on action-packed movies. (BON online)

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