Friday, 18 May 2012

Why Ola and Chris crashed out of Big Brother

In what must have been a heart wernching decision for the the Nigerian duo, Ola and Chris have both had to leave the Big Brother house.
Why this voluntary departure? Well, Ola has a medical condition that is forcing is blood pressure to dangerously high levels. In order to seek proper medical attention, he has to leave the house. And, as per the game rules, this means that Chris automatically has to the leave the house as well.
It was a teary farewell as they told the Downville house at large. Shocked laughter greeted the announcement, as most of their housemates thought it was a joke. However reality sunk in and soon the laughter turned to tears. Junia in particular had a hard time, as she and Ola had become particularly close over the 12 days (is it just 12 days?). Keitta was all torn up and Seydou managed to create some movie magic—and let out a manly single tear

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