Saturday, 19 May 2012

Joseph Benjamin, Funke Akindele married but living single

Nigerian movies usually have good stories but the production is always wrong. Except for a few of the. This is mostly because they are low budget. Watching Married living single however has changed my mentality. One can actually achieve good quality at a tight budget. Not that it was a cheap film, one could tell that the producer used good hands, and the output shows for it.
The media unveil was held during the week and the movie held journalists spell bound. Of course only a part of the movie was shown, and the question on everybody’s mouth was, ‘when will it get to the cinemas’. According to Ayo Akindele the Publicist to the distributors, Blue pictures’ She explained that the movie will be out first on cinema from Monday and might later go on CD.
From the synopsis, the movie is all about relationships and how different folks get different strokes. First was a couple who had everything, money, good job and healthy children, but the wife (acted by Funke Akindele was such a workaholic and did not have time for her family. The husband (Joseph Benjamin) soon got fed up and thing started changing in the erstwhile peaceful home. The other home was that of a man who beats his wife at every opportunity, he too soon got what was coming to him.
The movie was the first I had seen Funke Akindele acting in English and also as a corporate woman. One could see her struggle with the role a bit, but she eventually caught the bug, and it was smooth sailing for her. Joseph Benjimine on his part was a little bit laid back, a big contrast to his usually sharp demeanour. That usually is the lot of self-employers as he portrayed in the movie.  

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  1. This is not the first time funke will be acting in english. I know her as an acctress through english soap opera ''i need to know''