Monday, 28 May 2012

Omarion admits his career nose dived. Wants a come back

Omarion now regarded as Maybach’ O has admitted to the placid nature of his career before Rick Ross swooped in and saved whatever was left of him. (read on)

He disclosed to Billboard that for the first time in a long period, he chilled and spent time with family. Walking in malls and doing regular stuff.
“[It was] the first time in my life that I’ve ever just lived life – just walk in the mall, spend time with my family.”
“I do think that having a career is about transitioning through peaks and valleys. No one stays hot forever. There’s times where you need to take a break.”
However, he is intent on producing a massive album and getting back on his grind with better music.
“I’m writing more. I’m dancing different. And I really want to entertain the people.” He enthused.
“I think that people didn’t foresee this move for me – that people were like, ‘Oh, what’s up with Omarion?’ Omarion fell off this, Omarion did that. What’s gonna be his next move? This is my next move.”

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